Monday, June 20, 2011


Hi guys.

I made a bit of a mistake by making this blog and honestly expecting I would update it every day. It was something to learn from. I apologise. I will be keeping the blog up for people to continue to look through, but I will not be updating this blog any longer.

I would, however, like to direct you to a new project I've begun, entitled NB Finds. I will update this one whenever I feel I have something to update, and have made it a Tumblr so that other people may also submit, instead of sending me separate e-mails. It also encompasses things other than just photos, such as videos, write-ups, and events. Anything that's New Brunswick-related (and safe for work!) goes.

Sorry about this blog, but it's led me to realise that 1. trying to update a blog every single day is just not going to work! 2. updating a blog every day will lead to some lackluster posts. 3. There's so much going on in NB that I really wanted to make a post encompassing all that's going on, and not limit that to photographs. Sometimes an event warrants a lot being said about it!

Please head on over to NB Finds and feel free to contribute as much as you like! All posts will be added to a moderation queue so don't be surprised if you don't see it immediately.

Thanks for those who contributed to Photo a Day NB, and I hope to see some of you at NB Finds!

K. Cooper

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